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Master degree in Finance


The Master degree in Finance (touch program track)  aims to equip students with broad, and in-depth knowledge in specific fields of corporate financial management, financial investment, and financial risk management. Besides general courses, depending on the student’s choice of track-specific courses, the program deals with in-depth specializations in the field of finance, prepares the student for managerial positions in corporations, conglomerates, multinational companies, financial institutions, insurance companies, etc.

The Master degree in Finance helps the students achieve in-depth understanding of relevent economic and financial theories, the skills to apply specialized knowledge to real life, where the final market is constantly changing, and hence improving thinking skills, awareness of global issues and using the acquired knowledge and skills to address them.  Depending on the choice of knowledge block, in particular corporate finance, financial investment or financial risk management, the students will be able to utilize the relevant knowledge in organization, analysis and decision making in the context of their workplace.