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Cử nhân Đại học chính quy chương trình Tài chính (Chất lượng cao Tiếng Anh)


The high quality program in Finance (delivered in English) aims to equip students with broad, in-depth and modern knowledges in the field of corporate financial management, to meet the high-demanding competitive labor market at home in the era of regional and global economic integration. After graduation, in addition of acquiring broad and extensive professional knowledge, students should also have superior foreign language skills and information technology capability as comnpared to the regular program counterpart. This is enable the graduates to stand out in a very competitive job market nowadays and get ready to take jobs offered from different types of businesses, SMEs, large corporations, and multinational enterprises, at home and abroad. Students are also equiped with in-depth knowledge of financial markets, investment in financial markets to undertake highly specialized jobs at various intermediary financial institutions such as mutual funds, investment companies, securities & insurance companies and banks. Given that the global and local financial sector nowaday are changing quickly, finance graduates are trained with updated information technology skills, and the ability to work independently or in group collaboration, allowing them to work effectively and efficiently in a high-pressure business environment. Graduates are also equiped with a deep understanding of law, ethics for finance, self-study ability, and a desire for lifelong learning to advance their carreer. Finally, the program also aims to train students with ability to organize and work with others in group collaboration to fullfill a given task, and skills needed to conduct a sound scientific research to find covincing solutions for factual problems facing the organization.

Successfully passed the National High School Exam plus entrance policies of UEH; and English entry requirement IELTS 5.0 or equivalent.