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Cử nhân Đại học chính quy chương trình Ngân hàng (Chất lượng cao Tiếng Anh)


The high-quality undergraduate program in banking is designed to provide students with in-depth knowledge and comprehensive skills required for professional opportunities available in the banking and financial sector. The program develops students’ knowledge and understanding of the theories and principles underpinning banking and finance together with their intellectual skills such as critical, analytical, and problem-solving skills providing a solid foundation for them to solve complex problems in core areas of finance and banking, including deposit, lending, credit rationing, trade finance, international payment, foreign exchange trading, financial consulting and bank risk management. Moreover, the program can also allow students to gain a wide range of knowledge and relevant competencies regarding foreign languages, informatics, conceptual methodology and particularly self-responsibility, leadership skills, a spirit of respecting law and attitudes towards innovation and creativity in the workplace.

Successfully passed the National High School Exam plus entrance policies of UEH; and English entry requirement IELTS 5.0 or equivalent.