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You can always trust this designer to take the extraordinary out of your bag, and this year is no exception. Marc Jacobs dressed the model with the most delicious fingerprint in the 1920s. But he combined this exceptional feminine look with dark punk rock makeup and face jewelry. It had a unique influence on his model. They look like cyclists on their way to ride bikes. If you steal this style, make sure to curl only the top and front part of your hair. The rest should be natural, long, straight and slender.

With a lace stamp, you need to adjust it to get the most natural look. Therefore, it is necessary to bleach the seal knot.

First you need to prepare a good hairstyle. Therefore, on damp hair, spray BBLUNT to blow off a rich spray of leaves, which increases the elasticity of the bulk of the mane. Then dry.

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If you haven't tried Spacebread before, then it's time. They are stupid, but they shake weird hairstyles when they feel so good. The great thing about this bread is that it is easy to install but flexible and versatile. Here, Ciara is doing two and a half halves down, but you can either put all the hair on your head or leave some hair bundles on your face, like Lakendall Jenner). It may be difficult for girls with short hair to twist and bend properly, but inserting extensions is a convenient way to solve this problem. A longer length makes it easy to wrap the middle part around the bottom of the bread.

Step 10: Use liquid glue. If you do not want to use a wig, you can use liquid lace glue. Use a brush to apply the adhesive to the area you want to attach the wig to. Use cold air to dry the adhesive for 30 seconds. If you are using a soft adhesive, dry it thoroughly until the adhesive is pasted before applying the wig. You can use the wig immediately with a strong adhesive.

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Separate the hair on the left side, then gather the rest of the hair around the neck. This part will be a turning point, so zoom in or out as necessary.

Step 7: Repeat the process through the middle of the hair and across the right half of the hair, then across the center until the braid reduces the length of the hair

Want to change on your next summer trip? Well, we are here for you! Gabor Sweet Talk is a wig for you that has a totally modern look and also has a very natural look, making it ideal for those who like short hairstyles and want to keep their hair curly and frizzy even on hot days. Why can't I even see your perfect color with the GL11 / 25SS, the perfect color for summer? As an American chestnut honey based on chestnut, mixed with multidimensional shades of brown and golden blond hair, why not try this beauty in summer? It also has these beautiful hollow air waves, exhilarating light sheen and loose style, making the annual a popular style must-have wardrobe in any wig today. has become.

The above process is very simple, it not only keeps your natural hair and hair clean and fresh, but also makes your hair look clean and fresh. We hope you find these tips helpful.

The rug and long bob are new items that must have great hair. From Jessica Alba to Gwyneth Paltrow to Tragy Henson, celebrities love Rob's hairstyles. Through ... capture the essence of this best technique.

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Yes, do you agree? Who will bet if they differ? I feel good about this and can't accept the rewards I just copied to the Luptia dress! Hey, women's style is too expensive to imitate.

Nothing is worse than spending all your energy on a task that can take hours. It only blocks work and is destroyed by summer weather. It is better to let it happen instead of fighting wrinkles.

Lately, this is another big hit between VS Angels. Victoria's secret angel with Prince Roh showed it. Fishtail blades, also known as fish bone blades or fish bone blades, are amazing for simple twists and turns.

Do you have nice flexible curly hair or are you going to straighten it? Dear woman, stop there? Because your elastic curls make you unique, unique and attractive. Curly hair is well preserved, naturally elastic, full of shine and fluffy. You can try turning this curly hair into an attractive wave or straightening your hair.

Keep part of your hair away from your face and dry it. Do not use heat, use cold setting. This is the best way to straighten and straighten hair without damaging the curls. It has the same effect as a hot dryer, reduces damage and does not harm it. This process works as an extension of the intense comb that smooths hair.

It was a busy week this week, but I saw the rest of the country out of its environment. London makes me very uncomfortable - very polluted and hot, so her head is a little sweaty. I am looking to wash the second hand to get rid of all this. This week was more intertwined. As you get older, tangles become easier, but so far, the clown wig black fibers on your back have been a little twisted. I claim this is because of the wonderful silky fibers. Maybe both, I have more time to use the hair tip fluid more vigorously to prevent accelerated fiber twisting.

The most important advice: if something looks perfect and perfect, you can usually just give up on the game. Some flaws can make things look more natural. Find a balance.

If you can sew, you can arrange this hat even with sewing. All you need is a sleeping hat or satin hat of your kind, a hat or a beanie, and a piece purchased from a local fabric store. Oh, the more thread. Nifty Keisha has shown you how to add lining to your favorite knitted hat and beanie and wear them safely without losing moisture.

This is straight hair. Straight hair has good functions and is easy to handle. If you get bored of straight hair, you can use a flat iron to create other styles like body hair and curls. Because it is original hair, you can bleach, color and style it.

You can also associate the nodes with the paper nodes (i.e. left to right and then right to left). But link it to the top left, then to the top right. Try the way you wear.

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