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Cử nhân Đại học chính quy chương trình Ngoại thương (Chất lượng cao Tiếng Anh)

Foreign Trade

The International Business Program, Specialization on Foreign Trade – Advanced in English course provide a training program which combine international business and focus on foreign trade field. From the global business expansion as consequences of globalization, this program is well-balanced to develop knowledge, skill and practices in international trade and business sector. Especially, students will have opportunities to study and use English during learning process. Upon completion of the program, graduates are fluent in foreign languages, working at organizations with international business activities, especially multinational corporations, import-export enterprises, banks, logistics enterprises as well as Governmental Organization which have related scope. Furthermore, students are trained with a high sense of responsibility, ethics, a sense of responsibility to the organization and society, and the lifelong learning mindset.

Successfully passed the National High School Exam plus entrance policies of UEH; and English entry requirement IELTS 5.0 or equivalent.