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Cử nhân Đại học chính quy chương trình Kế toán doanh nghiệp (Chất lượng cao Tiếng Anh)

Corporate Accounting

The Bachelor of Corporate Accounting (in English) provides in-depth knowledge of accounting in accordance with Vietnamese regulations and international practices, supplementary knowledge of corporate management on the basis of accounting information and additional professional knowledge related to economics, business administration, finance and tax so that learners have many a variety of career options, in many organization types. Together with the philosophy of liberal education, the program is designed with a balance amongst knowledge, skills and attitudes as well balance between theory and practice to train high-quality accounting labor forces. The graduates are able to broadly demonstrate communication capacity in the working environment applying English, ability to think critically, ability to develop strategiesand to solve practical problems arising related to accounting at the micro level. The core objective of this training program aims to instill a passion for learners to continue life-long study and a respect for professional ethics. The graduates demonstrate comprehensive knowledge and ability to develop their careers within Vietnam context or the Asian region in the progress of Vietnam’s international integration.

Successfully passed the National High School Exam plus entrance policies of UEH; and English entry requirement IELTS 5.0 or equivalent.